With a varied line of different dog food offerings, Wellness holds a strong place in the natural dog food market. Their wet canned varieties include Wellness Stews, a popular selection of chunky bits in gravy that includes flavors like chicken, beef, venison, turkey, and lamb. They also have three grain-free varieties, as well. Wet food contains more moisture than kibble, which is important for the canine diet. Wet food also undergoes less processing, so nutrients are better preserved. For dogs that enjoy or require softer canned food, Wellness Stews is a smart choice. These are high in protein and essential fats, with moderate carbohydrate content. There are no by-products, artificial additives, wheat, corn or soy in any of the Wellness Stews. This food is just full of wholesome, hearty nutrition that any dog will savor.

Pros: Wellness Stews are a more natural choice than many other canned foods. The manufacturer has stated that most of the ingredients they use are deemed edible for humans, which means that the overall quality is above and beyond most other brands. Wellness Stews have a lot of good animal protein sources, no by-products, and only natural preservatives.

Cons: Wellness Stews are a quality option in a varied line of available canned foods from the same brand that appeals to certain consumers. While it would be nice to see more vegetables or fruits, maybe more organ meat or cartilage rather than supplemental vitamins and minerals, this is available in their CORE canned food for a higher price.

Ingredients: Meat protein is the main ingredient in Wellness Stews and appears first on the ingredient list. There is also egg, providing more protein and omega fatty acids.  Though we might like to see more healthy oils like flaxseed or fish oil, if you select one of the varieties containing salmon you can be sure you are getting higher levels of those essential omega fatty acids. Ingredients like barley, potato and oat fiber add carbohydrates, carrots and celery offer more fiber and some vitamins. Wellness Stews are well-supplemented with vitamins and minerals, though again it would be preferred to see more produce on the label. This is a great choice for dog owners who like to mix wet food with their dog’s kibble for extra protein, moisture, and flavor.

Price: Wellness overall is moderately priced for a quality food. Wellness Stews are some of the cheaper options in their canned food lineup.

Ideal Diet For: As we mentioned, Wellness Stews are perfect for mixing with dry food or using as a topper or snack. While they have sufficient protein and lots of vitamins, they could provide a little more balance with fruits and vegetables. As with most canned foods, it is high in fat and starch, so this is probably recommended for dogs who already have fairly high metabolisms and are not prone to carrying extra weight like pugs.