The internet has given ordinary pet owners the ability to learn from and communicate with knowledgeable pet owners and animal care gurus anywhere in the world. But the internet is a big place, and you could surf for hours without finding quality content if you don’t know where to look.

But we’re here to give you a hand and guide you past the nonsense and right to some of the finest pet-related content on the web. Take a moment to peruse this list and be sure to check out the blogs that are interested in the same things you are (and be sure to bookmark them too, for future reference).

1. Champion of My Heart

Dog, love, life, and courage.

Why you should check out this blog: Conceived as a real-time canine memoir in honor of a beloved border collie, Champion of My Heart offers lessons in dog care, health, and life, with a healthy dose of inspiration mixed in for good measure. Additionally, this blog provides high-quality product reviews, which can help inform your pet-related purchases.

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2. Ammo the Dachshund

Adventure awaits!

Why you should check out this blog: Ammo the Dachshund is a blog dedicated to the adventures of a fun-loving pup, as he makes his way through life. You can find product reviews, DIY project instructions and plenty of tail-wagging fun and hijinks. Did I mention that Ammo is the credited author?

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3. Heart Like a Dog

The good, the bad and the OH MY GOD of living with dogs!

Why you should check out this blog: If you are looking for a pet blog that won’t pull any punches and tells it like it is, Heart Like a Dog is for you. A celebration of the ups, downs and hilarious moments in between that characterize dog ownership, Heart Like a Dog provides plenty to interest, inspire and amuse and you can also find product recommendations (and discounts!) here.

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4. Cat Wisdom 101

Providing purrs since 2011

Why you should check out this blog: Cat Wisdom 101 is dedicated to providing the latest news, information, and products for cats and their people. In addition to standard articles, this blog offers a ton of multimedia content and a non-profit pet products shop.

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5. The Conscious Cat

Conscious living, health, and happiness for cats and their humans.

Why you should check out this blog: Dedicated to living consciously with your cats, Conscious Cat is a collection of stories, tips, Q&A sessions, product reviews, and anecdotes. This is a content-packed website so be warned: You may spend quite a bit of time at this site, once you give it a look.

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6. The Lazy Pit Bull

Life and style with a canine twist.

Why you should check out this blog: The Lazy Pit Bull is more than just a dog blog — it actually covers everything from green living to movies to sports. However, just about everything has some dog-related angle, and you’ll still get your pet-care fix, thanks to the numerous informational articles, DIY plans, and recipes, all of which will help you to make the most of life with your dog pack.

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7. Pup Style

Living together with your dog in style.

Why you should check out this blog: If you are compelled to dress up your little pooch in only the most adorable clothing and accessories possible, you need to check out Pup Style. Full of fashion tips, product reviews and plenty of adorable photos, fashion-forward dog lovers will surely fall in love with this site.

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8. The FurrTographer

Fine Four-Legged Photography by Josh Norem.

Why you should check out this blog: Although the FurrTographer appears to be primarily envisioned as an online portfolio for the San-Francisco-based photographer, dog and cat lovers from all over the world are sure to love Josh’s incredible photos. Whether you prefer your photos cute, beautiful, inspiring or silly, there are plenty of gorgeous photos to check out on the site.

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9. Two French Bulldogs

Two French Bulldogs loving life in Southern California.

Why you should check out this blog: Two French Bulldogs has a variety of different articles, tips and product recommendations that can help you better enjoy life with your dogs. Full of plenty of hysterical photos, there’s no way you can check out this site without cracking a smile.

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10. I Have Cat

Single in the city, with cat(s)

Why you should check out this blog: This delightfully snarky, yet light-hearted blog chronicles the trials and tribulations of being a single, 30-something woman living in New York alongside furry feline friends. Equally funny, inspiring and heart-warming, this is a blog you don’t want to miss.

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11. The Pet Blog Lady

Celebrating our pets.

Why you should check out this blog: If you are looking for a pet-oriented blog that covers everything from dogs to cats to fish, you’ll definitely want to check out The Pet Blog Lady. A content-rich website, The Pet Blog Lady provides information on every pet-related topic imaginable, as well as plenty of adorable photos and a healthy dose of humor too.

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12. Have Dog Blog Will Travel

Travel California alongside Celia Sue.

Why you should check out this blog: Dedicated to providing dog owners with travel information and resources, Have Dog Blog Will Travel is the perfect resource for those who scoot around the country in the company of their dog. Find reviews, tips, tricks and plenty of great photos of Cici – an adorable Dalmatian / American pit bull mix.

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13. Fidose of Reality

A health/wellness/lifestyle dog blog for Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends.

Why you should check out this blog: Fidose of Reality is dedicated to sharing information about dogs (primarily Cocker Spaniels), through informative posts and helpful product reviews and recommendations. Written with a fun and light-hearted, yet informative tone, Fidose of Reality is a pleasure to peruse (the adorable photos don’t hurt either!)

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14. Come Wag Along

The experiences of a new dog owner chronicled.

Why you should check out this blog: Come Wag Along started out as a way for the site’s owner, Kia Chambers, to document her experiences as a new dog owner. But within a few years, the site blossomed, and Kia began writing about her experiences as a wife and working mother too.

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15. Mousebreath Magazine

Award-winning lifestyle magazine for cats and cat lovers.

Why you should check out this blog: If you love cats and can’t get enough of the mischief and mayhem they create, you owe it to yourself to check out Mousebreath Magazine. Full of product reviews, great photos, funny anecdotes and cat-care tips, there is something here for everyone.

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16. Hauspanther

The premier online magazine for design-conscious cat people

Why you should check out this blog: Just because you have a cat doesn’t mean you can’t still live in style. Hauspanther is dedicated to providing quality, stylish products that will help you take great care of your cats.

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17. My Pit Bull Friend

By pit bull owners, for breed enthusiasts and all dog lovers to enjoy.

Why you should check out this blog: Dedicated to helping correct the myths and misperceptions surrounding pit bulls, My Pit Bull Friend contains everything from informative articles to humorous entries (we enjoyed the Driver’s License for Pets article). You can also find a number of coupons and special deals on the website as well, so go check it out.

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18. Pretty Fluffy

Pet-friendly living.

Why you should check out this blog: If you are looking for a resource with tons of information about living alongside your dog, you should give Pretty Fluffy a read. It is absolutely packed with DIY projects, recipes, tips and informational pieces that will help you better enjoy life with your pooch.

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19. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Weiner dog extraordinaire.

Why you should check out this blog: Simply put, this blog may have the cutest collection of silly dog photos (featuring Crusoe, the blog’s namesake) that has ever been assembled. But it isn’t just great photos that make this blog great – the stories Crusoe shares are simply adorable.

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20. Golden Woofs

A house is not a home without a dog.

Why you should check out this blog: A simple, sweet and informative blog, Golden Woofs provides dog owners and dog lovers with recipes, travel tips, product reviews and more. And although this blog may have been inspired by golden retrievers, it offers plenty for dogs of all breeds.

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21. My GBGV Life

Going through life as a French scent hound.

Why you should check out this blog: If you are looking for a fun, funny and informative dog blog that provides DIY tips, recipes, and product reviews, MY GBGV Life is exactly what the vet ordered! Full of humorous stories and packed with wonderful photos of Emma (the French scent hound who “authors” the blog), you’ll be glad you gave the blog a read.

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We hope you enjoy the blogs we’ve listed above – don’t forget to bookmark the ones you like most, so you can visit them again and again. And don’t be afraid to drop the owner or author a line and tell them about how you found their blog.

Are there any great pet-oriented blogs out there we missed? Let us know all about them in the comments below.