Purina Beyond Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe is a nutritious and delicious food designed to keep adult cats healthy, happy and full. Made in US-based kitchens, this is a high-quality food, made with a reasonably impressive ingredient list. Like all other Purina Beyond recipes, the Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe is specially designed by Purina’s in-house cat nutritionists, so you know that your cat is getting some of the best food money can buy.

Pros: Most owners who tried Purina Beyond rated it very highly. Most loved the combination of a reasonable price and nutritious recipe, and most cats found the food perfectly palatable. Some owners even reported that their cat’s energy level improved after eating Purina Beyond for a while. Additionally, many owners noted that their cat’s elimination habits improved and the litter-box odors improved after switching to Purina Beyond Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe.

Cons: Like most other cat foods on the market, this one was deemed unpalatable by a handful of individuals. However, the majority of cats appeared to enjoy the food greatly. It would be nice if the recipe included more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and a probiotic or two, but these are relatively minor complaints.

Ingredients: You always want to see a whole protein as the first listed ingredient in any cat food, and Purina fails to disappoint, as chicken is the first listed ingredient. Chicken meal and dried egg product help provide supplemental protein, while the food’s carbohydrate content largely comes from whole barley, ground rice, and whole oatmeal. Dried apples and dried carrots provide additional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and the recipe is also fortified with other vitamins and minerals to protect your cat from deficiencies. However, Purina Beyond Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe is even more impressive when you consider the things that are left out of the diet. This recipe is made without any artificial flavors, colors or additives, no poultry by-product meals, and no corn, wheat or soy – ingredients that many cat owners prefer to avoid whenever possible. Unfortunately, it is made without any probiotics, which often help to regulate the digestive tracts of cats.

Price: Purina Beyond is a moderately priced food that delivers good value for the cost. To help keep your cat-food expenditures as low as possible, try to purchase Purina Beyond Chicken & Whole Oat Meal Recipe (or any other food you choose for your cat) in the largest quantity possible.

Ideal For: Although it is a high-protein formula, Purina Beyond Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe is designed for adult cats, so it is not a good choice for kittens, seniors or lactating females. However, it is a great choice for healthy adults, and it may provide additional value for adult cats who suffer from food allergies, as it is made without many of the most common allergy triggers. It isn’t an especially good choice for cats who live indoors, as it lacks huge quantities of omega fatty acids and fiber.