Orijen is a brand that really sets the standard for natural dog food. Whether you choose their dry kibble or freeze-dried raw options, you are selecting a food that is full of wholesome goodness. Orijen’s puppy food is no exception. Locally sourced, organic ingredients offer great levels of protein, healthy fats and antioxidants, all the makings of a solid puppy formula. This is a zero grain, zero gluten food, free from any artificial or synthetic ingredients. It does include Orijen’s signature ‘Wholeprey’ ratios of organ meat, cartilage and bone, providing puppies with critical amino acids, enzymes and compounds from their most natural sources, as they would in nature. By mirroring our dog’s natural ancestral diet, this food is providing them with the nourishment that their systems have evolved to process over thousands of years. The list of health benefits is endless and starting this kind of diet from a young age lays the foundation of good health for life. Orijen truly makes one of the purest, nutrient-packed puppy foods you will find.

Pros: Orijen is a healthy choice for any dog because it really is one of the most natural foods on the market. This puppy food has all the right stuff that growing dogs need, including excellent protein sources, high levels of omega fatty acids and a fantastic blend of fruits, vegetables, and homeopathic botanicals. It also contains probiotics for extra digestive support.

Cons: It is really difficult to find any negatives in Orijen’s puppy food, as it goes above and beyond what we’d expect from a quality dog food.

Ingredients: Chicken and turkey make up the bulk of the animal protein in this formula, followed by flounder, eggs, and mackerel at the top of the ingredient list. Chicken and turkey liver, heart and kidney add more essential nutrients, as well as bone and cartilage. The several fish sources, combined with herring oil, give this food great levels of omega fatty acids that are so critical for brain development in young dogs. Healthy complex carbohydrates and plenty of fiber come from lentils, navy beans, and chickpeas, while kale, squash, pumpkin, spinach, apples, pears and more add crucial antioxidants. Orijen’s puppy food also contains a unique blend of herbs and botanicals to bolster everything from vision to immunity.

Price: Orijen could be considered a super premium food. Although it may be considerably more expensive than other options, it is genuinely one of the best foods you can buy. It is a worthy investment into the health of your dog for years to come.

Ideal Diet For: This is a puppy food that would be highly beneficial to all breeds or all sizes. It is especially recommended for any puppies that may be exhibiting sensitivities to another food because of its all-natural ingredients. Orijen is a great dog food for both active and sedentary dogs. The high protein and complex carbohydrates fuel both work and play, while at the same time they are in ideal ratios for supporting lean muscle mass. Not all carbohydrates are created equal and Orijen uses tubers and beans over the starchy potatoes or rice found in most other foods. Again, this is highly recommended for all puppies.