Nutro MAX CAT Senior Recipe is an affordable, if less-than-ideal cat food designed for older cats. Although its ingredient list leaves a lot to be desired, it also includes a number of nutritious items too. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of older cats, and it is fortified with several vitamins, minerals and other supplements that will help ensure good health during your cat’s golden years.

Pros: Despite the sub-standard ingredient list, the majority of owners rated Nutro MAX CAT very highly. Several owners reported that the food helped eliminate their cat’s digestive issues, and others found that cats with dental problems were able to eat the food comfortably, thanks to its easy-to-chew shape. A few noted that it even helped provide their cat with more energy and improved the condition of their coat. Most cats appear to love the taste of the food.

Cons: Simply put, Nutro MAX CAT is a relatively low-quality food that lacks a lot of the ingredients you’d want in a good cat food. However, most owners were pleased with the product and the majority of cats seem to like it, so it may be worth trying anyway.

Ingredients: Unfortunately, Nutro MAX CAT does not have a stellar ingredient list. For example, you always want a whole protein to be the first listed ingredient in any cat food, yet Nutro MAX CAT lists chicken meal first – whole chicken doesn’t even appear on the list at all. Additionally, much of the food’s carbohydrate content comes from low-quality ingredients, such as brewer’s rice, and common allergens, such as corn gluten meal and wheat flour. There are a few high-quality ingredients included in the mix, such as sunflower oil, menhaden fish oil, and whole grain oatmeal. Dried blueberries and cranberries help provide some antioxidants (and cranberries may help promote urinary tract health), but they both occur fairly far down the ingredient list. No probiotics are used in the recipe, so you may want to add a probiotic supplement of your own before feeding this food to your cat.

Price: Nutro MAX CAT Senior is a relatively low-priced cat food, that will primarily appeal to cost-conscious customers. Although it is not one of the cheapest foods on the market, most owners will undoubtedly find it within their budget. To help reduce the costs even more, you can try to purchase Nutro MAX CAT (or any other food) in the greatest quantity possible.

Ideal For: Nutro MAX CAT is formulated to meet the dietary needs of older cats, and it should only be used in such applications. It does not contain enough protein for kittens or lactating mothers, and it isn’t ideal for younger adults either. It contains a number of sources of omega 6 fatty acids to help support coat and skin health and fiber sources which may help accelerate the passage of hairballs, so it may be helpful for senior cats who live indoors, although it is not specifically designed to work in this capacity. It is full of a number of common allergens, so it is a poor choice for cats who suffer from food allergies.