NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe is a nutritious, high-quality food for cats over 7 years of age, who live inside. Although it is a relatively pricey option, it provides the kind of nutrition and taste that makes it well worth the added expense. It is formulated to help keep your cat at an appropriate body weight and provide the types of ingredients that older cats need to remain healthy and vibrant during their golden years.

Pros: An incredibly high percentage of cat owners who tried NUTRO rated it highly and reported their complete satisfaction. Most cats seem to love the taste of NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe, including those who are normally finicky. Several owners note that it helped give their cat more energy, and many noted an improvement in their cat’s stools, as well.

Cons: Most owners were satisfied with NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe, so complaints were fairly limited. A few owners complained that their cat did not find the food palatable, but this occurs with almost every cat food on the market. Additionally, some customers were put off by the relatively expensive price of this recipe, but you can’t get a premium food without paying premium prices.

Ingredients: As you’d expect from a premium cat food, NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe starts with a whole protein – chicken – as the first listed ingredient. Chicken meal and pea protein provide supplemental protein sources, while whole brown rice is the primary carbohydrate source for the recipe. Several other nutritious ingredients in the recipe include whole grain oatmeal and dried beet pulp, which provide fiber content, and flaxseed to provide omega fatty acids, which can help support coat and skin health. Several vitamin and mineral supplements are also included to help protect against nutritional deficiencies, but sadly, there aren’t many antioxidant-rich fruits or vegetables listed, which is mildly disappointing for such an otherwise appealing food. Additionally, there aren’t any probiotics used in the recipe; however, reports of poor digestion were very rare, so this is probably not a big problem. If you like, you can use a supplemental probiotic to help encourage proper digestion.

Price: NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe is a relatively expensive cat food, so it does not typically appeal to budget-minded cat owners. However, for those who are looking for a premium food and have the means to afford it, NUTRO provides a great option. To help reduce your cat-food costs as much as possible, try to purchase NUTRO (or any other cat food) in the largest quantity possible.

Ideal For: NUTRO is a nutritious and healthy food, but it is intended for only seniors that live indoors. Although you could probably feed it to senior cats who live outdoors without any problem, it is completely inappropriate for kittens, young adults or lactating females. While it is made without artificial colors and many other common allergens, it does contain soybean-based products, so it is not a great choice for cats who suffer from unidentified food allergies.