Although kibble is overwhelmingly the top choice for most dog owners, wet food comes in at a close second. Many pet parents like to mix both wet and dry, or their dogs need a wet food for either health reasons or simply to entice them to eat. Newman’s One Organics Grain-Free wet food is a good pick among a lot of sub-par canned options. Wet food is also important for dogs that have problems chewing or digesting hard food, including some older dogs. Offered in turkey, chicken or beef, Newman’s Own wet food is high in protein and well-supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Unlike a lot of canned foods, you won’t find a lot of carbohydrates in Newman’s Own, which is a refreshing change that caters more towards your dog’s natural diet. Moreover, as the name suggests, ingredients are organic.

Pros: Newman’s Own Grain-Free canned food is packed with protein and very low in carbohydrates. This is exactly what every carnivorous dog craves. It is also organic and free from any by-products or artificial additives. For such quality ingredients, it is one of the more affordable high-quality canned dog foods you can find.

Cons: This food is all about meat protein, which is the foundation of the canine diet and a very positive point. At the same time, however, it is also important for dogs to get some nutrients from fruits and vegetables, which are lacking here.

Ingredients: The main ingredient in Newman’s Own Organic wet food is meat, as it should be. Quality animal protein comes from chicken, turkey or beef, with extra protein and essential nutrients from liver. Other than meat, broth, and natural thickeners, this food is supplemented with plenty of minerals and some critical vitamins. It would be great to see some fruits and vegetables providing antioxidants and natural sources of vitamins, but it is not a deal breaker for this food. As most dog owners tend to add wet food for extra moisture, protein, and flavor, this is an excellent option.

Price: Newman’s Own makes some very affordable high-quality dog food. Their grain-free canned wet food is definitely reasonably priced considering that it is full of real meat protein, unlike many other wet and dry dog foods in the same price range.

Ideal Diet For: We can recommend this as a great wet food for any dog. Since this food is all about the protein and so low in carbohydrates, it is an excellent selection for dogs that may need some weight control. For large dogs, who might need a calorie boost to maintain their muscle mass, this is a perfect pick. On the same note, any dog that needs to trim down could also benefit. If your dog needs wet food to provide a complete and balanced meal, you might want to consider another food that contains more natural sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.