Natural Planet Organics Cat Food is a super-premium cat food, made with an array of organic ingredients. It includes all of the nutritious items you’d want in a great cat food while leaving out the fillers, artificial colors and artificial flavors that you’d rather avoid. If you’re a cat owner who likes to purchase environmentally friendly (and tasty) foods, it is hard to go wrong with Natural Planet Organics.

Pros: For some reason, relatively few cat owners appear to have tried this food. While this may be troubling to some owners, the ingredient list should partially alleviate these concerns. The Natural Planet Organics recipe provides exactly the types of ingredients you’d want to feed your cat, and as is generally the case, foods that rely on quality ingredients have superior flavor. Those owners who did try the food and report back on their findings expressed that their cats loved the taste.

Cons: There aren’t many holes in the Natural Planet Organics ingredient list, and there weren’t any poor reviews by cat owners who have tried the food. However, it is one of the most expensive foods on the market may give some cat owners pause.

Ingredients: While Natural Planet does include several non-organic ingredients in the recipe, most of the primary ingredients are produced on organic farms. As is always desirable, Natural Planet lists organic chicken as the first ingredient. Chicken meal provides supplemental protein, while organic barley, organic oats, and organic brown rice provide the bulk of the recipe’s carbohydrate content. An assortment of nutritious and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are used in the recipe, including organic cranberries, organic broccoli, and organic carrots. Organic sunflower oil and organic flaxseed help provide the omega fatty acids your cat needs, and several probiotic strains are included to help promote proper intestinal function. Vitamin and mineral supplements round out the ingredient list and help your cat avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Price: Natural Planet Organics is one of the most expensive dry foods on the market. From a cost-oriented point-of-view, there are two things working against Natural Planet Organics: It is made with very high-quality ingredients and many of these ingredients are organic. Both of these facts contribute to the products’ high price, but they also provide better value for your cat, so the trade-off is easily justified. If the product’s high price is a problem for your budget, consider purchasing this food (or any other food, for that matter) in the largest quantity possible to help reduce your per-bowl food costs.

Ideal For: Natural Planet Organics is a great option for cat owners who like to purchase environmentally friendly products and have an adult cat. Although it is not specifically designed to reduce the symptoms associated with indoor life, the ingredients included in the formula may help promote a healthier coat and accelerate the passage of hair through the digestive tract. Additionally, the assortment of antioxidant-rich ingredients may also help to support your cat’s immune system.