IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food is an affordable option that includes a few high-quality ingredients, as well as a few other ingredients that are less desirable. It is designed specifically for older cats, and it includes a number of ingredients that may specifically help improve their quality of life. No fillers are used in the recipe, to ensure your cat only gets nutritious, wholesome ingredients. Note that unlike some other foods designed for older or mature cats, IAMS Proactive Health is intended for cats over 11 years of age, rather than 7 or 8.

Pros: Despite being a relatively inexpensive food, most owners who try IAMS Proactive Health are highly satisfied with it. Many owners reported that their cat exhibited improved energy levels after making the switch, and most reported that their cat digested the food without any problem. Additionally, most cats appear to love the taste of this recipe and accept it willingly.

Cons: Although most owners appeared satisfied with IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food, a few noted that their cat would not eat it. Additionally, some noted problems with minor digestive upset, although such complaints were relatively rare. It is a shame it doesn’t include more fruits and vegetables or probiotics, but these are acceptable sacrifices for low-cost foods.

Ingredients: Like most other high-quality cat foods, IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food features a whole protein – chicken – as the first listed ingredient. Chicken by-product meal is used as a supplemental protein and source of chondroitin and glucosamine, and a variety of corn-based products provide the bulk of the food’s carbohydrate content. Dried beet pulp is included as a fiber source, but the rest of the ingredient list is primarily comprised of various vitamin and mineral supplements. Of particular note is the inclusion of L-carnitine, which often helps overweight cats shed a few extra pounds. Unfortunately, despite the manufacturer’s claims, there aren’t many antioxidant-rich ingredients included in the recipe, and there are no probiotics included either.

Price: IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food is a reasonably affordable food, that is priced at the low end of the cat-food-cost spectrum. It is actually a pretty good value, considering it features a whole protein as the first ingredient and it also features several other nutritious items. To help reduce your cat-food costs as much as is possible, consider purchasing IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food (or any other cat food you choose) in the largest quantity possible.

Ideal For: IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food is ideal for budget-minded owners of older cats. This is especially true of those who own overweight cats, as the recipe includes L-carnitine which may help your cat shed a few pounds. Additionally, the inclusion of chondroitin- and glucosamine-rich ingredients may help reduce some of the joint problems older, overweight cats experience. It is not a great choice for cats suffering from food allergies, given its reliance on corn; and it is entirely inappropriate for kittens, most young adults, and lactating females.