Horizon is a young brand that is already gaining a lot of popularity among consumers. Their natural dog foods come in four great varieties, with Legacy being closely linked to the ancestral diet trend. Legacy is our favorite of Horizon’s offering, with their puppy food being one of the most well-balanced recipes you can find. Horizon Legacy Puppy is high in protein, essential omega fatty acids and has a fantastic blend of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. They’ve also included high levels of digestive-supporting probiotics, important for puppies that tend to still have some issues regulating their sensitive digestive systems. Horizon definitely got it right with their Legacy line of foods and we feel just as confident about their puppy formula.

Pros: Horizon Legacy offers a puppy food that is full of all the right ingredients that a growing dog needs. What’s more, they are from high-quality sources. This food includes the meat protein, healthy fats, oils, vitamins and minerals your dog needs to grow strong and healthy.

Cons: This is a very high-quality food without a lot of negatives, but there is one very important thing we need to note. The calcium content of Horizon Legacy Puppy is at 1.7 percent. Although this food is approved for all puppies, we don’t recommend this puppy food for large breeds because the calcium content is slightly above the recommended 1 – 1.5% to lower their risk of certain orthopedic issues, including hip dysplasia.

Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal make up the foundation of this protein-packed food. Another one of the great aspects about Horizon Legacy is that the minimal carbohydrates come from the fruits and vegetables, rather than starchy additions like potatoes. The list of produce is impressive, including bok choy, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, pineapple, blueberries and more. This food also contains high amounts of probiotics, exceeding amounts in many other puppy foods. Salmon oil, flaxseed and egg provide excellent levels of omega fatty acids that are so important for puppy development, as well. Horizon Legacy Puppy does have some added salt but in moderate amounts. It is also very well-supplemented with vitamins and minerals in addition to those already provided by the fruits and veggies.

Price: Horizon Legacy’s manufacturer states that part of their goal is to make high-quality natural dog food that is also still affordable. For the most part, they have done a very good job at accomplishing their goals, though Horizon is still going to cost more than a lot of dog foods of similar quality.

Ideal Diet For: Horizon Legacy Puppy is a great food for all puppies from small to medium. Again, just to be on the safe side, please see our other recommendations for large breeds. Some studies have suggested that feeding large breed puppies high calcium diets during their critical growth stages can increase their risk of conditions like hip dysplasia. For all those smaller breed pups, this food can be highly recommended.