Hill’s Science Diet Minced Kitten Recipe is a minimally acceptable cat food with a reasonable price tag. Although it is lacking some of the bells and whistles many other cat foods include, it does feature salmon, which most cats find delicious. Like all other Hill’s Science Diet products, the Minced Kitten Recipe is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pros: Hill’s Minced Kitten Formula features several protein-rich ingredients to ensure your kitten remains healthy and reaches his full potential. Most cats find it to be absolutely delicious, and they love the texture of the food as well. Additionally, as is the case with all other canned cat foods, Hill’s Science Diet Minced Kitten Food will help keep your cat properly hydrated, which can reduce the incidence of urinary tract problems. Another great feature of products from Hill’s Science Diet product line is that you can mix up the flavors to give your cat some variety by purchasing different recipes.

Cons: For the price you’ll pay for Science Diet, you’d expect to get a food with a whole protein as the first non-water-based ingredient, rather than pork byproducts. Additionally, many foods at similar price points contain nutritious (and antioxidant-rich) fruits and vegetables. It is also disappointing that this food contains so many common allergens, which can lead to skin and coat issues.

Ingredients: Hill’s Science Diet has an acceptable, if less-than-ideal ingredient list. Water is the first listed ingredient, which is commonly the first ingredient listed for many canned products, but it should be followed by a whole protein. Unfortunately, the first listed protein source is pork byproducts. While properly identified, byproducts are not necessarily bad ingredients, they make many owners uncomfortable. On the positive side, salmon — a valuable addition to almost any cat food — is the third listed ingredient. It contains several different common allergens, including a variety of soy-, corn- and wheat-based ingredients. Additionally, this food also contains carrageenan, which many cat owners prefer to avoid when possible. Like most other wet foods, Hill’s Minced Kitten Recipe does not include any probiotics.

Price: Hill’s Science Diet Minced Kitten Food is priced near the middle of the cat food cost spectrum. There are more expensive (and higher quality) choices, but there are also cheaper (and lower quality) options from which you can choose. To help reduce your cat food expenditures as much as possible, consider purchasing this food (or any other cat food) in the greatest quantity possible.

Ideal For: Hill’s Science Diet is a good choice for owners who want a moderately priced, wet food of reasonable quantity. Like most other wet foods, it provides a lot of moisture to help keep your cat hydrated, so it may be very helpful for young kittens who fail to drink enough water. It is not formulated for senior cats, young adults or lactating females, and because it is full of common allergens, it isn’t a good choice for kittens who struggle with food allergies or skin conditions.