Halo Grain-Free Spot’s Stew Hearty Chicken Recipe is a premium cat food designed to provide your cat with all of the nutrition he needs to stay healthy and happy. Because it is made in the USA, with only the finest ingredients available, Halo is not only nutritious, it tastes great too. Although it isn’t one of the most affordable options available, it easily provides more value than less-expensive options.

Pros: The overwhelming majority of owners who purchased Halo Grain-Free were pleased with the purchase and rated it highly. Several owners remarked that it improved their cat’s digestive problems, while others noted that their cat’s skin and coat condition improved greatly after making the switch. The ingredient list is absolutely full of high-quality ingredients, so you can rest assured that your cat is getting the best possible nutrition. Finally – but not inconsequentially – most cats appear to love the food’s taste.

Cons: Complaints about Halo Grain-Free were few and far between, as most owners (and their cats) loved it. The only problems noted by a small handful of owners related to the taste – some cats simply did not find it palatable. However, this occurs with virtually every food on the market. Nevertheless, several owners of otherwise-finicky cats reported that their cat loved the taste.

Ingredients: You always want to see a whole protein at the top of the ingredient list, and Halo doesn’t disappoint in this regard: Chicken is the recipe’s first listed ingredient. Eggs follow chicken and serve as a valuable supplemental protein, but, unlike most other cat foods, Halo uses no meat-meals or meat-byproducts in their recipes. While these aren’t necessarily problematic ingredients, many cat owners prefer to avoid them whenever possible. In lieu of grains, Halo relies on things like peas and sweet potatoes to provide the food’s carbohydrate content. To ensure that your pet gets all of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants he needs, the recipe also includes a number of fruits and vegetables, including green beans, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, and zucchini. Four different probiotics round out the ingredient list and help to regulate your cat’s digestive system.

Price: Halo Grain-Free is priced at the higher end of the cat-food-cost spectrum, but it isn’t prohibitively expensive. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want a high-quality food, you are going to pay high prices for it. Always try to keep your cat-food-costs low by purchasing foods in the largest quantities possible.

Ideal For: Halo Spots Stew is formulated for all life stages, meaning that you can feed it to your kitten, adult, senior or lactating female. The grain-free and omega-fatty-acid-rich recipe may also help improve your cat’s coat and skin condition. It may even be a good choice for cats who struggle with food allergies, although it is not what you would consider a limited ingredient diet. Although it is a little more expensive than many other cat foods, it is still within the reach of most cat owners and well worth the additional cost.