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The Best Training Methods for Puppies

It’s a good thing puppies are cute, because they behave like – pardon the expression – wild animals. You’ll have to invest a lot of time and energy molding your cute little face licker into a well-behaved dog that will follow instructions and act the way you expect him to. Dominance Training Dominance training – [...]

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Deciding to Get a Puppy or an Adult Dog

Deciding to add a new dog to your life is a wonderful and exciting prospect, but it also presents you with a number of important decisions. You’ll have to select the best breed (or combination thereof) for your lifestyle and desires, and you may even need to decide which color you want. You’ll need to [...]

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Which Dog Breed is Right for Me?

There are 340 or so dog breeds recognized worldwide, and each one of them is the perfect companion for somebody – breeders are not inclined to produce dogs nobody wants. But that doesn’t mean you can pick one on a whim and expect a glorious relationship to unfold; in fact, most breeds are probably wrong [...]

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