How to Train Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash

You’ve got your new puppy home, or possibly a rescue that you’ve adopted, but your new best friend isn’t taking easily to the leash.  Or perhaps you are trying to do some research and prior planning before your puppy comes home with you.  Either way, you’ve come to the right article because today’s topic discusses [...]

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How to Curb Begging Behavior in Your Pet

The Dangers of Feeding Table Food and Steps to Prevent Your Pet from Begging for It. We’ve all experienced it, the pet who incessantly sits at your feet, adorably beckoning to you for any morsel of yummy goodness that could possibly find its way down to her.  Begging is a conditioned response though, and unfortunately [...]

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The Best Training Methods for Puppies

It’s a good thing puppies are cute, because they behave like – pardon the expression – wild animals. You’ll have to invest a lot of time and energy molding your cute little face licker into a well-behaved dog that will follow instructions and act the way you expect him to. Dominance Training Dominance training – [...]

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Deciding to Get a Puppy or an Adult Dog

Deciding to add a new dog to your life is a wonderful and exciting prospect, but it also presents you with a number of important decisions. You’ll have to select the best breed (or combination thereof) for your lifestyle and desires, and you may even need to decide which color you want. You’ll need to [...]

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Which Dog Breed is Right for Me?

There are 340 or so dog breeds recognized worldwide, and each one of them is the perfect companion for somebody – breeders are not inclined to produce dogs nobody wants. But that doesn’t mean you can pick one on a whim and expect a glorious relationship to unfold; in fact, most breeds are probably wrong [...]

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Wellness Stews Wet Dog Food

With a varied line of different dog food offerings, Wellness holds a strong place on the natural dog food market. Their wet canned varieties include Wellness Stews, a popular selection of chunky bits in gravy that includes flavors like chicken, beef, venison, turkey and lamb. They also have three grain-free varieties, as well. Wet food [...]

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