Best Cat Food Brands

A trip down your local pet store food aisle will reveal dozens of different cat foods, most of which belong to a relative handful of product lines. While each of these individual recipes differs in numerous ways, most foods produced by a given brand will have similar strengths and weaknesses. In fact, it is often [...]

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The Top 21 Pet Blogs of 2017

The internet has given ordinary pet owners the ability to learn from and communicate with knowledgeable pet owners and animal care gurus anywhere in the world. But the internet is a big place, and you could surf for hours without finding quality content if you don’t know where to look. But we’re here to give [...]

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Blue Buffalo Senior Cat Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the leading pet food manufacturers, and their Life Protection Healthy Aging Recipe is one of the best options for senior cats on the market. Like all other Blue Buffalo kibbles, Life Protection Dry Senior is manufactured in the USA and comprised of some of the best ingredients available. Designed for [...]

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NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe Cat Food

NUTRO Indoor Senior Recipe is a nutritious, high-quality food for cats over 7 years of age, who live inside. Although it is a relatively pricey option, it provides the kind of nutrition and taste that makes it well worth the added expense. It is formulated to help keep your cat at an appropriate body weight [...]

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IAMS Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food

IAMS Proactive Health Senior Cat Food is an affordable option that includes a few high-quality ingredients, as well as a few other ingredients that are less desirable. It is designed specifically for older cats, and it includes a number of ingredients that may specifically help improve their quality of life. No fillers are used in [...]

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Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food

Purina Beyond Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe is a nutritious and delicious food designed to keep adult cats healthy, happy and full. Made in US-based kitchens, this is a high-quality food, made with a reasonably impressive ingredient list. Like all other Purina Beyond recipes, the Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe is specially designed by Purina’s [...]

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Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Minced

Hill’s Science Diet Minced Kitten Recipe is a minimally acceptable cat food with a reasonable price tag. Although it is lacking some of the bells and whistles many other cat foods include, it does feature salmon, which most cats find delicious. Like all other Hill’s Science Diet products, the Minced Kitten Recipe is backed by [...]

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Nutro MAX CAT Senior Cat Food

Nutro MAX CAT Senior Recipe is an affordable, if less-than-ideal cat food designed for older cats. Although its ingredient list leaves a lot to be desired, it also includes a number of nutritious items too. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of older cats, and it is fortified with several vitamins, minerals and [...]

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Natural Planet Organics Cat Food

Natural Planet Organics Cat Food is a super-premium cat food, made with an array of organic ingredients. It includes all of the nutritious items you’d want in a great cat food while leaving out the fillers, artificial colors and artificial flavors that you’d rather avoid. If you’re a cat owner who likes to purchase environmentally [...]

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