Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Dog Food is designed to provide the kind of nutrition your dog needs to stay healthy for the rest of his life. A premium dog food, this recipe is, like all other Blue Buffalo kibbles, made in the USA and chock full of the types of nutritious ingredients you’d want for your dog. Like most other Blue Buffalo products, most owners love the food, while most dogs love the taste.

Pros: Most dog owners who try Blue Buffalo Life Protection rave about the food’s quality and become instant devotees to the recipe. The combination of an impressive ingredient list with a relatively modest price tag make the food a popular choice for many owners, who want to give their dog the most nutritious food they can. Many owners have noted that their dog’s quality of life, energy level, and digestive function improved after switching to this recipe, and a few even noted improvements in their dog’s coat and skin condition. This was probably due to the food’s lack of corn, wheat, soy or artificial additives, as these types of ingredients often trigger food allergies and cause coat and skin problems.

Cons: There were few complaints about Blue Buffalo Life Protection and most negative reviews related to shipping or packaging problems. A few dogs found the food unpalatable, and a few owners still found the price too high, but most dogs and their owners were very happy with the food.

Ingredients: Like most other Blue Buffalo recipes, their Life Protection Adult Food features a whole protein – deboned lamb – as the first listed ingredient. Turkey meal is also included to provide supplemental protein content. The carbohydrate content of these foods comes from a combination of healthy ingredients, including oatmeal and whole ground barley. But perhaps the most impressive items appearing on the Blue Buffalo Life Protection ingredient list are the fruits and vegetables. Among others, this recipe includes blueberries, cranberries, apples, blackberries, pomegranate, spinach, and pumpkin. The food is also fortified with a number of vitamins and minerals, and it includes several different probiotic strains to help regulate your dog’s digestive tract.

Price: Given the quality of the recipe, the brand’s great reputation and the fact that it is manufactured in the USA, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dog Food is quite reasonably priced. It is not one of the cheapest foods on the market, but it is much more affordable than many comparable foods. To help keep your dog-food expenditures as low as is possible, try to purchase this food in the greatest quantity possible, to take advantage of bulk-buying discounts.

Ideal For: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Dog Food is the perfect choice for owners of healthy adult dogs, who want to provide their pup with the best nutrition available. Its reliance on whole grains and premium proteins means that it packs more nutrition into each bowl than many other foods do, yet its reasonable price tag helps to keep it within reach of most dog owners.