Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Recipe is a premium dog food, designed to provide your dog with all of the things she needs, and none of the things she doesn’t. Like most other Blue Buffalo foods, their Grain-Free Recipe is full of nutritious proteins, colorful fruits and vegetables and a number of important supplements. And because Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Dog Food is made in the USA under strict safety protocols, you can purchase with confidence.

Pros: Most dogs and their owners simply love Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Dog Food. Most dogs find the recipe absolutely delicious, and most owners love the fact that they can provide their dog with a nutritious, American-made food. Several owners noted improved digestive health after making the switch, while others noted that the grain-free formulation helped to reduce their dog’s excessive shedding and itchiness. A few owners even noted improved energy levels and a general improvement in their dog’s quality of life after switching to Blue Buffalo Grain-Free.

Cons: There were very few complaints about Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Dog Food. A small number of dog owners experienced problems with shipping, packaging and similar problems, but these were exceedingly rare. Additionally, a very small number of owners reported that their dog did not find the recipe palatable, but such complaints were uncommon.

Ingredients: Blue Buffalo prides itself on using only the best possible ingredients in their food, and their Grain-Free recipe is no exception. Deboned chicken – one of the finest proteins available for dog foods – is the first listed ingredient. Chicken meal and turkey meal are also included in the recipe, to provide supplemental protein content and glucosamine, which may help protect your dog’s joints. Because this recipe contains no grains, several nutritious fruits and vegetables supply the carbohydrate content. A number of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries, parsley, and carrots, are also folded into the recipe, to help support your dog’s immune system. Additionally, Blue Buffalo Grain-Free features flaxseed, which provides omega fatty acids, and five different probiotic strains to help support your dog’s digestive health.

Price: Given its high-quality ingredient list, Blue Buffalo Grain-Free is a surprisingly affordable food. Priced near the middle of the dog-food-cost spectrum, most customers who are interested in a premium food will find that this product provides great value for your dog-food dollar. However, you can still enjoy additional savings by purchasing Blue Buffalo Grain-Free in the largest quantities possible.

Ideal For: Most Blue Buffalo foods are the ideal choice for owners seeking a nutritious, premium food at a very reasonable price point. However, their grain-free recipes (such as this one) are excellent options for dogs who battle food allergies or suffer from poor coat health. Additionally, dogs who have intestinal difficulties may enjoy a bit of relief after switching to this food, thanks to the included probiotics. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free is formulated for healthy adults, so you shouldn’t feed it to puppies, lactating females or seniors without first consulting your vet.