Blue Buffalo is best known for their kibbles, but their Blue’s Stews line proves that the company also produces very high-quality canned foods as well. The Stews are available in nine different flavor and ingredient combinations, all of which feature the same kind of high-quality ingredients for which Blue Buffalo is famous for using.

Pros: Most owners who tried Blue’s Stews were very pleased with their choice and spoke highly of the product. However, it was not as well reviewed as many other Blue Buffalo products were. Nevertheless, most customers reported that their dog loved it, digested it well and was eager to eat more. It features high-quality ingredients like most other Blue Buffalo products, including whole proteins and nutritious vegetables. Additionally, because it is a grain-free product, it likely helped improve the skin and coat condition of dogs allergic to wheat, corn or other grains. Several customers also expressed their satisfaction with the can lids, which were easy to open.

Cons: While most owners who tried Blue’s Stews were pleased, some found the food unsatisfactory. Several owners reported that their dog did not find the recipe palatable, but it should be noted that this can happen with any food – dogs are individuals with varying preferences. Several owners also complained about problems with shipping, packaging or the delivery of the product as well.

Ingredients: As you’d want in any high-quality dog food, Blue Buffalo Blue’s Stews feature a whole protein at the top of the ingredient list. The actual protein used varies from one flavor recipe to the next, but they include duck, beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb. Although Blue’s Stews do not include as many vegetables as Blue Buffalo’s kibble-based recipes do, they still feature things like carrots, peas, and potatoes to provide your dog with a balanced diet. It is unfortunate that this food does not feature many anti-oxidant-rich fruits or probiotic supplements, but that is common among all canned foods.

Price: Most Blue Buffalo recipes are slightly more expensive than the average food, yet not as expensive as the other premium brands, with which they most closely compare, and Blue’s Stews are no exception. Blue’s Stews are slightly more expensive than many low-cost canned foods, but they are very reasonably priced, and the cost is not likely to stand in the way of owners seeking a high-quality wet food for their pooch.

Ideal For: Kibble-based diets are generally preferable for the average, healthy, adult dog, but some owners like to spoil their dog with the superior taste and texture of canned foods. Other dogs may require canned foods because they are suffering from dental issues or other problems. For such owners, Blue’s Stews are clearly an option worthy of serious consideration. You can feed Blue’s Stews as your dog’s primary food, but you may want to consider feeding your dog a dry kibble and then “topping” it with a small amount of the wet food as a treat for your pooch.