Dog beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and a wide range of quality.  If your dog weighs over 50 pounds when fully grown, your dog needs a bed designed to accommodate its size and weight.  A bed configured for large dogs is one of the most important investments you will make for your four-footed buddy.  The best dog beds for big dogs can withstand the wear and tear they inflict on their beds and at the same time provide good support and comfort for the dog’s long-term health.

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  • Product NameBig Barker
  • Awards (If any)
  • Overall Score100
  • Star Rating
  • ProsDesigned for large dogs. 10-year guarantee. 7“of human grade foam. Built in headrest for head and neck support. Microfiber, machine-washable cover. 100% made in USA. Replacement covers available.
  • ConsExpensive, but worth it. Waterproof liner is extra.
  • Bottom LineOne of the best beds you can buy for a large dog.
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  • Product NameDogbed4less
  • Awards (If any)
  • Overall Score100
  • Star Rating
  • Pros4" gel-infused temperature regulating memory foam, human grade. Machine washable microsuede cover with gusseted zipper and extra stitching. Includes waterproof liner. Replacement covers available.
  • ConsVery little negative.
  • Bottom LineYou won’t go wrong with this bed.
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  • Product NameStella Beds
  • Awards (If any)---
  • Overall Score---
  • Star Rating---
  • ProsGel-infused memory foam layer for summer; flip it over to use crate memory foam layer and faux sheepskin for winter warmth. Machine-washable cover. Includes waterproof liner. One-year guarantee.
  • ConsOccasional issues with cover seams.
  • Bottom LineThe one-year guarantee makes this beautiful bed worth a try.
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  • 4

  • Product NameeLuxury Supply
  • Awards (If any)---
  • Overall Score---
  • Star Rating---
  • Pros5" total thickness with 2" orthopedic gel enhanced memory foam on top of 3" high-density support base. Foam is made in the USA. Includes waterproof liner. Machine-washable cover. Replacement covers available. Made in the USA by veteran-owned small business. 90-day guarantee.
  • ConsVery little negative.
  • Bottom LineAnother great option for a large dog.
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  • Product NameSnoozer
  • Awards (If any)---
  • Overall Score---
  • Star Rating---
  • ProsStuffed with high loft polyester fill, removable, poly-filled bolsters. Machine wash and dry poly-filled pillow and microsuede cover. Holds up to nesting and digging.
  • ConsNot orthopedic. Pillow will only fit in a large capacity washing machine.
  • Bottom LineOne of the best non-orthopedic beds for large dogs that love to snuggle against a bolster.
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Our top award winners are each made with memory foam, a top quality material found in the best dog beds for large breeds.  The support provided by memory foam is particularly important for large dogs.

Best Overall and Top Quality Dog Bed:   Big Barker

Despite the initial price of this bed, it is a fabulous investment in your dog.  The bed has a 10-year guarantee, so you are risking very little by trying it.  It is roomy enough for any large dog to stretch out fully with comfortable support for its head and neck.  If your big dog loves it, chances are good that you will not need to buy another dog bed.

Big Barker makes several different styles of dog beds, all with the same quality in materials and construction. Big Barker dog beds are made with 7″ of superior quality American made therapeutic foam – a 2″ layer of H10 comfort foam, a 3″ middle layer of H45 support foam & another 2″ layer of H10 comfort foam – the same foam used on expensive furniture.  It supports every part of a big dog’s body.   Even fully grown humans feel comfortable lying on a Big Barker bed.   No doubt you will find one that is perfect for your particular dog’s preferences.  Even better, by selecting a Big Barker bed you are doing your dog immeasurable good because it provides the kind of support and comfort that your pup needs for quality rest.

Best Bang for the Buck:  Dogbed4less

This is a great buy.  You and your lucky dog get four inches of gel-infused, temperature- regulating, human-grade, memory foam, a washable cover with gusseted zipper and extra stitching, and a waterproof liner for under 100 bucks.





Best of the Rest: 

The remaining three beds are each excellent choices for large dogs.  The Stella bed provides a nice summer/winter option.  You can use whichever side provides your dog with the sleeping temperature it prefers.  It comes with a nice one-year guarantee as well.  The eLuxury bed is fabulous because it gives five inches of memory foam, with a top layer of temperature-regulating gel-infused foam, made by a small veteran-owned business that clearly loves its customers and their pets.  The company even makes a lovely wooden platform for the bed to give your dog additional elevation off of the floor.  Finally, worth mentioning is the only non-orthopedic dog bed in this review.  Its customers and their big dogs are highly satisfied with this bed because it invites dogs to rest securely in a variety of positions, and the high loft polyester fill especially encourages comfy nesting and snuggling.

Plenty of other good beds for large dogs are on the market.  These five are standouts. If you want to shop around before you make a selection, know what to look for in a good dog bed.

Characteristics of a Good Bed for Large Dogs:


For larger dogs, support and comfort go hand-in-hand.  A decent memory foam bed is the best choice for large and jumbo size dogs.  It will help mitigate the progress of arthritis, other joint diseases, and ligament damage.

Size and Style

The bed needs to be large enough to hold your dog’s entire body.  How do you figure out what is the best size bed?  Just measure your dog in its normal sleeping position. Start at your dog’s front legs or nose, whichever extends furthest, and measure to the back legs or rump.  You should add about 9 inches to this measurement.  If the measurement is borderline between two sizes, select a bed that is too large rather than too small.  If your big dog likes to sprawl, a rectangular bed is the best choice.  Big dogs also tend to favor bolster beds and pet sofas styles.


Covers for cheap big dog beds are often too thin for big dog wear and tear.  No cover is immune to damage from chewing and digging, but some covers are more durable than others.  Look for a bed with a cover that can be removed, washed, and replaced when worn out.  Some companies offer replacement covers for their beds, some do not.  If you buy a standard size bed, you can find replacement covers.

Ease of Cleaning

The cover should be easily removable for washing and easily replaced.  Zippers on at least two sides make that job easier.


A waterproof liner or cover is a plus.


If your dog sleeps outside frequently, you need to make sure the bed your dog uses stays dry.  An elevated bed hammock-style bed would be your best choice, but it provides no joint support.


The bed should provide sufficient warmth, or air circulation, depending on your climate and your dog’s natural coat.  Memory foam can trap heat, so you will want to make sure the bed does not overheat the dog.  You will need to provide a cooling cover or purchase a bed that has a cooling feature built-in.


Big dogs like to know their bed is their personal space where they can rest comfortably.