Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple Recipe is a premium pet food, formulated with relatively few ingredients and only a single species protein source. This can help reduce the chances that your dog will suffer from food allergies or intolerances – such foods are often regarded as hypoallergenic. However, just because this recipe is designed to contain a low number of ingredients doesn’t mean it lacks the nutrition your dog needs. In fact, like all other Acana foods, the Limited Ingredient Lamb and Apple formulation contains a number of supremely nutritious ingredients.

Pros: Most owners absolutely love Acana’s Limited Ingredient Diet. Many noted that this recipe helped put an end to their dog’s food allergies, and resulted in improved coat health and reduced shedding. Additionally, several owners noted that their dog began enjoying smoother digestive function after switching to this recipe for a short time. And fortunately, most dogs seem to love the taste of Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet.

Cons: As with most other Acana foods, their Limited Ingredient Diet is very pricey, and this was the source of the overwhelming majority of customer complaints. Nevertheless, the high price is completely expected, given the premium ingredients used in the recipe. Aside from this, few customers could find fault with the food, and most were very satisfied with their purchase.

Ingredients: Like all other Acana foods, their Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple recipe features premium ingredients. Lamb serves as the sole protein source, so deboned lamb and lamb meal appear at the beginning of the ingredient list. Lamb rarely causes allergic reactions in dogs, which makes it a good choice for limited ingredient diets. However, several supplemental proteins are also included farther down the ingredient list, including lamb tripe and kidney. Like most limited ingredient diets (and other Acana recipes), this food is formulated without grains. Instead, the carbohydrate content is supplied through a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables, including kale, spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens, carrots, pears, and apples. This food is preserved with vitamin E and fortified with zinc. Three different probiotic strains help support proper digestive performance and intestinal function.

Price: You’ll have to pay premium prices for premium dog foods, and Acana Singles are no exception. In fact, most Acana foods are relatively expensive, but the majority of dog owners who try the recipes find that they are well worth the additional expense. Try to purchase Acana recipes in the largest quantities possible, as this will provide better value for your dog-food dollar.

Ideal For: Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple Recipe is a great food for just about any dog. It is formulated for all life stages, meaning that it will supply the type of nutrition your dog needs, whether he is a puppy, adult or senior. It is even appropriate for lactating or pregnant females. Nevertheless, this recipe is best suited for dogs who experience food allergies or intolerances, as it is made without many of the most common allergens, which trigger these types of problems.