Acana singles are based on protein sources harvested from a single species – duck in this particular case. This can help avoid food allergies and intolerances, which may plague some dogs who are fed mixed-species diets. However, Acana Singles Duck and Pear is still packed full of very nutritious ingredients, it is made in the USA and it is formulated without any grains. Simply put, Acana Singles Duck and Pear Recipe is a great food that deserves serious consideration by all dog owners.

Pros: Most owners who try Acana foods become instant devotees to the brand. Acana packs each of their foods with extremely nutritious ingredients, and Acana Singles Duck and Pear is no exception. Owners usually love the improved health their dogs exhibit – including improved coat condition, improved energy levels, and smoother digestive performance — after switching to Acana foods, and most dogs find the recipes absolutely delicious.

Cons: As with most other Acana products, few owners expressed any dissatisfaction. However, more than one customer complained about the exorbitant price tag attached to these foods. There is little that can be done about this, as premium ingredients simply cost more than cheap ingredients, so you’ll simply have to pay more for top-notch foods than you will for others.

Ingredients: Like all Acana foods, the Duck and Pear Recipe features a number of premium ingredients. Deboned duck is the first listed ingredient, while duck meal and duck liver are also included to further elevate the protein content. In addition to pears, several other fruits and vegetables appear on the ingredient list, including kale, spinach, butternut squash, collard greens, turnip greens, green peas, green lentils and red lentils. Duck cartilage, which can help support good joint health, is also included among the ingredients. Three probiotics round out the ingredient list, and the recipe is fortified with zinc. Only naturally occurring preservatives – vitamin E – are used in the manufacturing process.

Price: Like most other Acana recipes, Acana Singles Duck and Pear is rather expensive. However, you will find that all foods that truly deserve the premium label are more expensive than the average dog food. Try to keep your food costs low by purchasing Acana Singles Duck and Pear in larger quantities, once you’ve verified that you like the product and your dog finds it palatable. This will help you enjoy some of the cost-saving benefits of purchasing in bulk.

Ideal For: Acana foods are designed to provide the type of nutrition all dogs need – regardless of their life stage, breed or age. This means that you can use this food to feed your dog, whether she is a puppy, adult, pregnant or elderly. Dogs who suffer from food allergies or digestive difficulties will enjoy improved coat health, reduced shedding and smoother digestive function, thanks to the lack of grains and included probiotics. Additionally, dogs who cannot tolerate beef, chicken and other common allergic triggers, may be able to digest Acana Singles recipes easily.