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My History

Hello everyone, my name is Kaylin and my partner in crime goes by the name Marty McFly. He is a little Jack Russell Terrier with quite the personality! He and I are avid hikers who like to find ourselves on spur of the moment trips deep in the mountains. Throughout my life I have always been very passionate about animals. I grew up with creatures of all different shapes and sizes, including everything from peacocks to alpacas. When I was about six years old I started working with dogs by assisting our neighbor train her sled dog team. I eventually got into other fields including obedience, canine good citizen, delta therapy work, and field training. I eventually fell in love with agility competition and spent much of my younger years competing with my two border collies Gus and Chase.

During this time I also started my career in the field of veterinary medicine. I began my 10 years in the field as a dog walker at a local veterinary hospital with a boarding facility and worked up to lead emergency technician at a specialty and emergency hospital. Outside of working directly with my patients I really enjoy educating clients on the overall care of their pets, not only from a medical perspective, but also discussing general concerns such as behavioral interventions and preventative care. In my free time I work with the local police K-9 unit, volunteer with rural area vets, and assist my local animal shelter. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

Marty McFly

McFly 3
McFly 2



My History

Hi there!  My name is Nicole and I cannot recall a time in my life when I was petless!  I was that kid who brought home turtles, tadpoles, kittens, bugs, caterpillars, fish, dogs, lizards, squirrels, and whatever else I could catch.  If they couldn’t be my pet, I drew them!  To this day, I am an avid artist, and nature’s miracles are my favorite subjects, whether in pen, pencil, oil, or watercolor.

I spent most of my professional career as an attorney and devoted some of my time to helping with animal welfare legislation and issues.  One of the most satisfying experiences of my life is the time I spent hands-on working with rescue dogs and their training, helping them learn to love and work with their human companions.

My time now is spent mostly in the low country of South Carolina in an island community surrounded by breathtaking nature preserves, and the birds, alligators, and wildlife that live there.  My life is still centered on nature, caring for my two dogs, three horses, and of course my fabulous family and friends.  These experiences inspire and inform much of the writing I do on this website, and I am thrilled to be able to contribute anything I can to help others who love the animals in their lives!

Patty and Baron



My History

Hey there! My name is Mollie. A little about me- I have been a writer for years and a dog owner for life. I have shared a home with borzois, bouviers des flandres, silky terriers, English mastiffs, rottweilers, shepherds and many, many mutts… and have worked with an even more diverse range of breeds. Aside from nearly always having my own, I have also helped other people with their pups through training and running my own pet sitting operation.

Today, I am now the proud mother of a boxer named ‘Loki’ and his recently adopted brother, a Czechoslovakian vlcak named ‘Lupin.’

Dogs bring so much richness to our lives through unconditional love, their willingness to work and their unparalleled loyalty. We owe it to our dogs to do our very best in caring for their every need. I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned through years of owning and training dogs, I can help you build an even stronger, healthier, happier bond with your canine companion.

Loki - Lupin

Loki Brothers



My History

Hi, I’m Ben! I am a lifelong environmental educator who writes about animals, trees, outdoor recreation, science and environmental issues. I have worked with animals in a variety of professional contexts over the last 20 years, including as a wildlife educator and as the executive director of a nature preserve where I cared for a large and diverse live animal collection. Currently I live in Atlanta Georgia with my beautiful wife and spoiled-rotten rottweiler.

You can read more at FootstepsIntheForest.com or @FootstepsForest on Twitter.